Quatrième et dernier épisode de la série des 4 mix avant la MICROMIX CHRISTMAS PARTY ce samedi 3 décembre. Micromix 073 est 100% D.I.S.C.O. et mixé par Olaze du collectif Emmanuelle.
Enjoy et à demain !

Episode 4 and last one from the serie of 4 mixes before the MICROMIX CHRISTMAS PARTY this saturday december 3rd. Micromix 073 is 100% D.I.S.C.O. and played by Olaze from the collective Emmanuelle ! Enjoy and see you tomorrow.


  1. – There but for grace of God Go I
  2. – Do It At The Disco
  3. – In the Bush
  4. – In The Heat Of A Disco Night
  5. – Deep Love

(Total running time : 14:59 min)

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